A little bit David Lynch, a little bit Michael Jackson's "Thriller," the new video for "Believer" (directed by Michael Erik Nikolla) features Laura narrowly escaping the grips of a cult as she's chased through the streets of Los Angeles with her trusty dog, Charlie. Look for cameos from plenty of Saddle Creek bands...


And now I present to you: the premiere of VELVETEEN over at Noisey, in all its BLOODY GLORY...

"Vampires. Universally sexy. Blood, starlight, hot breath on the neck before the perfect puncture. Here we find a solo vamp (Mynabirds' Laura Burhenn) stalking the streets, looking wan, getting in an altercation with a douchebag and finding her honor defended by a stranger, and then, well, then it all goes perfectly pearshaped and boy does the blood gush. An estuary of ruby red."

Enjoy, my lovers!! And see you on tour on the west coast this week! 


PS: thanks to LEAN and every single person who made this video a bloody dream. xx

New Album, Lovers Know, Now Streaming on NPR

Hey guys! My whole new record is streaming now over at NPR Music!!!!! It's not out until August 7, but you can hear it all right here, right now. I hope you love it!! it took a beautiful army to make it, and i couldn't be prouder and more grateful. And thank you NPR for the kind words.

(Click the photo below to go to NPR)



"Lovers Know is both multi-faceted and intricate, but it's also writ larger than anything else Burhenn has done with The a collection of jewels, bright and eclectic, collected from points near and far." NPR